About NLYTech Biotech

Company Overview, Vision & Mission

Introduction of NLYTECH Biotech Sdn Bhd

NLYTECH Biotech Sdn Bhd is a newly setup company that will focus on the biodegradable and petroleum plastic replacement solution. The solution must be sustainable, produces at the lower / acceptable cost which will help to reduce the CO2 emission of the globe and reduce the Greenhouse Effect.

The first plan of the company is manufacturing RiceStraws which aim to fill up market gaps and needs especially with the ban of the plastic straws in certain area and country with the dedicated time frame. RiceStraws also is a edible product which we plan to manufacture the RiceStraws by fulfilling “HALAL” requirement to explore for more larger market.


Company Vision

To become the most reliable and preferred environmental friendly solution providers

Company Mission

To provide the best green and bio technology solution to save the earth